PTC2016 Presentations

21-22 March 2016
Polar Field Services
Denver, Colorado, USA

Attendee List

Monday March 21, 2016
Todd Valentic SRI International Opening Remarks
Kelly Brunt University of Maryland NASA airborne and satellite laser altimetry
Jennifer Mercer Arctic Research Support, National Science Foundation NSF Arctic Sciences Research Support and Logistics Program
Catherine Cahill University of Alaska Fairbanks Flying UAS in Polar Regions: Operations and Regulations
Michael Huff SRI International SRI Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Robert Boyd Lockheed Martin Hybrid Aircraft Overview
Movie: Hybrid Experience
Daniel Wagster Antarctic Support Contract Iridium DTCS
Andrew Stillinger New Jersey Institute of Technology Status of the Automatic Geophysical Observatory Network on the High Antarctic Plateau
Michael Lucibella Antarctic Support Contract Dateline: Antarctica
Tuesday March 22, 2016
Lars Berg Larsen University of Copenhagen 30 years’ experience in Deep Ice Core Drilling Camps
Jason Weale CRREL The Evolving Arctic Domain: Meeting the Challenge
Scott Dalton Alaska Earthquake Center Power and Telemetry Systems for Real-Time Earthquake Monitoring in Alaska
Adam LeWinter CRREL The ATLAS System: An Autonomous Terrestrial Laser Scanner Engineered to Monitor Large Tidewater Glaciers
Jason Hebert IRIS PASSCAL Advances in Remote Seismic Station Technology
Movie: Solar mast test , My movie
Rob Bauer University of Colorado The Automated Met-Ice-Geophysics-Ocean Observing System -- AMIGOS-II
Nicolas Bayou UNAVCO Powering science at high latitudes
James Jarvis APRS World, LLC APRS World Wind Turbine Update
Ryan Bierma IRIS Updates and Plans for the Earthscope Alaska Transportable Array
Tracy Dahl Polar Field Services COTS To Custom: Developing project specific solutions from off the shelf components
Dealing with static discharge in polar environments