PTC2015 Presentations

24-26 March 2015
Lockheed Martin ASC
Denver, Colorado, USA

Attendee List

Tuesday March 24, 2015
Todd Valentic SRI International Opening Remarks
Eric Larsen Eric Larsen Explore Into the Heart of Cold
Jennifer Mercer and Patrick Haggerty Arctic Research Support, National Science Foundation NSF Arctic Sciences Research Support and Logistics Program
Developments in Cutting Edge Technology
Faranak Davoodi California Institute of Technology Moball-Buoy Network
Robert Zook Flying an ROV at the Ross Ice Shelf Grounding Zone
Scott Palo University of Colorado Air Deployed Microbouys and Self-Deployed Surface Sondes
Iridium-based Communications Projects
Jeff O'Brien Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution A Linux-based Surface Controller for the Ice-Tethered Profiler
Larry Haughey Iridium LLC Iridium NEXT Update
Dan Wagster Lockheed Martin ASC South Pole Traverse Tracking and Iridium Service Status Update
Todd Valentic SRI International The Technologies Behind the Real-Time South Pole Traverse Tracking
Wednesday March 25, 2015
Bruce Felix Lockheed Martin ASC USAP Marine Operations
Autonomous Systems and Computing
David Mikolajczyk Antarctic Meteorological Research Center The UW-Madison Antarctic Automatic Weather Station Network: A 3-year Update
Lars Kalnajs LASP - University of Colorado Lessons learned during three years of autonomous chemical measurements in Antarctica
Nicolas Bayou UNAVCO UNAVCO - Powering Science at high latitude
Paul Carpenter IRIS/PASSCAL Projects and development at IRIS/PASSCAL Polar in 2014 and 2015
Neil Miller Lockheed Martin ASC Skyspark analytic system
Michael MacFerrin University of Colorado Current Challenges in Monitoring Greenland's Surface Mass Balance
Power System Design and Best Practices
James Jarvis APRS World, LLC Low Temperature Test Chamber – On a Budget
William Stein Black Island Wind Turbines LLC Development of a High Reliability Wind Turbine for Polar Applications
Tracy Dahl Polar Field Services Form Follows Function - Designing Power Systems for High Latitudes
Posters, Vendors and Networking Session
Jeremy Miner IRIS Technology, Engineering, and Deployment Updates for the USArray Alaska Transportable Array Seismic Stations
Dongseob Shin KOPRI An RFID-based monitoring system for the location of scientist around King Sejong Station in the Antarctica
Jason Weale CRREL Engineering for Polar Operations, Logistics And Research (EPOLAR)
Thursday March 26, 2015
Vehicles, Structures and Stations
Brandon Burmeister Polar Field Services Sullarniq ARC Subsurface Storage on the Greenland Ice Sheet
Russ Alger Michigan Tech Snow Strength Enhancement for the Development of Snow Pavements and Footings
Ari Karjalainen Lapland University of Applied Sciences ZEMI and eSled - Zero emission mobile instrument
Edvard Williamsson Arctic Trucks Arctic Trucks - Polar Vehicles
Arctic Trucks - Brazilian Traverse
Jiwoong Chung KOPRI Jang Bogo Station
Todd Valentic SRI International Closing Remarks