2014 Polar Technology Conference - Participant List

15-17 April 2014, Pervasive Technology Conference
Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Affiliation Topic

Tuesday, 15 April 2014  -  Keynotes, Cutting Edge Technology and Iridium Communications
Jennifer Mercer
Patrick Haggerty
Arctic Research Support
National Science Foundation
NSF Arctic Sciences Research Support & Logistics Program
Allan Sauter IRIS/PASSCAL EarthScope's Alaska TA Station Design Concepts
Nicolas Bayou
UNAVCO - Powering Science at High Latitudes
Seth White
University of Colorado A Method for Precision Differential GPS Data Processing on Moving Sea Ice Floes
Andrew Laundrie
University of Wisconsin
GPS Antenna Deployment in Polar Regions
Alberto Behar
Arizona State University
Recent Polar Instrumentation Developments Using Low Cost, New Access Methods via Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD)
Lee Welhouse
University of Wisconsin-Madison
The 2013-2014 Antarctic Automatic Weather Station Network Update: The FreeWave Network Segment
David Mikolajczyk
University of Wisconsin-Madison The 2013-2014 Antarctic Automatic Weather Station Network Update: The Argos Network Segment
Dan Wagster
Lockheed Martin - ASC
NSF Sponsored DoD Iridium Services
Matt Standish
Indiana University
Cyber Infrastructure and IT in the field
Tracy Dahl
Polar Field Services
Multi-Azimuth PV Arrays for High Latitudes
Richard Armstrong
Richard S. Armstrong, PE, LLC
Micro-Turbine Combined Heat & Power Generators (CHP)

Wednesday, 16 April 2014  -  Small, Autonomous Systems and Communications
Gil Jeffer
New Jersey Institute of Technology
The Next Generation of Automatic Geophysical Observatory (AGO)
Mark Hall
An Overview of the US Climate Reference Network Station Design and Power Systems for Remote Stations in Alaska
Doug Bloomquist
Advances in Remote Seismic Station Technology
David Jones
British Antarctic Survey
Aircraft Deployed Instruments for Polar Research

An Aircraft-Deployable GPS Stake Network for Antarctic Glaciers - Design of Aircraft-Deployable Sensors
William Stein Black Island Wind Turbine
Re-birth of the "Toughest Wind Turbine on the Planet", the HR3 Wind Turbine
Video  (53.3 MB MP4)
Masaki Okada National Institute of Polar Research
Development of an Autonomous Aurora Observation System in Antarctica
Joe Bravman Omnispace LLC
Omnispace MSS Platform for Polar Applications
Clifton Flint MetOcean
MetOcean Data Systems

Poster Session
Satish Chetty
Beyond 66
Solar Weather Ice Monitoring Station (SWIMS)
Tracy Dahl
Polar Field Services
Maximizing Solar Capture Through Multi-Azimuth PV Arrays
Marlon Pierce
Indiana University
Apache Airavata: Powering Science Gateways and Scientific Workflows
Todd Valentic
SRI International
Time Lapse Photography From Arctic Buoys

Thursday, 17 April 2014  -  Research Stations and Ice Traverses
Russell Alger
Institute of Snow Research - MTU
South Pole Traverse - Snow Science and Route Development

Solar panel maintenance and microturbines
Video:  Snow on two panels (30.1 MB WMV)
Gabriel Trisca
Boise State University
GROVER - An Autonomous Vehicle for Ice Sheet Research
David Blake
British Antarctic Survey
Subglacial Lake Ellsworth - A review of the Programme

The Construction of Halley VI Station in Antarctica
James Lever
Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory Lightweight Cargo Sleds for Polar Traverses
James Jarvis
Deploying a wind turbine on a mountain top

General Attendees
Jay Burnside Polar Field Services
Paul Carpenter IRIS / PASSCAL
Kyle Cronin University of Illinois at Chicago
Mike DuVernois University of Wisconsin
Leo Delarm Super Structures Worldwide and Camp Facilities LLC
Gary Eells ALEX - Alternative Experts; LLC
Champika Gallage Environment Canada
Alexander Hayman Genasun
Jason Hebert IRIS / PASSCAL
Paul Hill JouBeh Technologies
Kyle Hoppe Lockheed Martin - ASC
Richard Jeong

Paul Kenney CH2M Hill Polar Services
Richard Knepper Indiana University
Jason Leiker PASSCAL
Richard Machida University of Alaska Fairbanks
Susan McPhee Zero Manufacturing
Jennifer Mercer NSF/ALEX-Alternative Experts LLC
Justin Miller Indiana University
Neil Miller Lockheed Martin - ASC
Casey Moreland AST-Systems US
Jeff O'Brien WHOI
Joe Pettit UNAVCO
Patrick Quinlan Black Island Wind Turbine
William Spindler

Roy Stehle SRI International

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