2013 Polar Technology Conference - Participant List

2-4 April 2013, Polar Science Center
U.S. Naval Academy,  Annapolis, Maryland, USA

Affiliation Topic

Tuesday, 2 April 2013  -  Buoys, UAVs, and Small, Autonomous Systems
RADM Jonathan White
U.S. Navy
Director, Space and Maritime Domain Awareness
Challenges from a changing Arctic
CDR Bob Bruninga (Ret)
LCDR John Woods
U.S. Naval Academy
Polar Science Program - Aerospace Engineering Capstone
Peter Legnos
Matthew Jewell
LBI Corp
Airborne Expendable Ice Buoy (AXIB) for Polar Ice Zone Deployment
Louis Whitcomb
Johns Hopkins University Development of Nereid-UI: A Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle for Oceanographic Access Under Ice
Eric Berg
University of California Irvine
Solar and Wind Power System for the ARIANNA Array
Tracy Dahl
James Jarvis
Polar Field Services
APRS World
Wind Turbine Testing
Steve Howe
Center for Space Nuclear Research
Compact, Low Specific-Mass Electrical Power Supply for
Hostile Environments

Paul Carpenter
Advances in Remote Seismic Station Technology
Satish Chetty
Beyond 66
Buoy based multi-sensor, high resolution camera system
Lars Kalnajs
University of Colorado at Boulder
An Autonomous Chemical Measurement Network in the Ross Island Region of Antarctica – The First Year of Operation
Andres Cardenas-Valencia
SRI International
Development of Technology and Associated Platforms for In-situ Sensing of Physicochemical and Biological Parameters in Extreme Environments

Wednesday, 3 April 2013  -  Small, Autonomous Systems and Communications
Dr. Marco Tedesco
National Science Foundation
Division of Polar Programs
The Polar Cyberinfrastructure Program
Richard Knepper
Indiana University
Forward Observer In-Flight Dual Copy System
Tim Spuck
Oil City High School
The Benefits of an Embedded Educator on your Polar Research Team                Lesson Plan               Flyer
CDR Bob Bruninga (Ret)
US Naval Academy
PSAT Remote Data Transponder
Todd Valentic
SRI International
The Data Transport Network Turns 15!
Daniel Wagster
Antarctic Support Contract
NSF Sponsored DoD Iridium Services
Roy Stehle
SRI International
Iridium 9575 Extreme and Delorme inReach as GPS Trackers
Poster Session

Sridhar Anandakrishnan
Penn State University
Wireless Network of GPS and Seismic Sensors: geoPebble
Robert Melville
Gilber Jeffer
New Jersey Institute of Technology
A New Telemetry Module Based on Iridium SBD
Andrew Stillinger
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Automatic Geophysical Observatories - Power System Update
Robert Busby
Allan Sauter
EarthScope’s Transportable Array
Video 1:  TA Rolling Deployment (MOV 4 MB)
Video 2:  Real-time Sensing Array (MP4 19 MB)
Video 3:  Beam Formed Back Projection (MP4 0.2 MB)

Thursday, 4 April 2013  -  Research Stations and Ice Traverses
Terry Benson
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Innovations in Hot Water Drilling at the South Pole
Jason Weale
Beyond Limits:  Material Performance in Polar Regions
Video 1:  HMWPE (AVI 9 MB)
Video 2:  Fabric (AVI 22 MB)
Video 3:  Gelbo Cylinder (AVI 35 MB)
Video 4:  Gelbo Strip (AVI 30 MB)
Video 5:  Bladder 90% (MOV 9 MB)
Russ Alger
Michigan Tech University
Processed Snow Roads, Runways, and Whatever
Cyrena Briede
Mount Washington Observatory
Product Testing and Research Capabilities with Mount Washington Observatory
Kenneth Ratzlaff
The University of Kansas
Kilowatt-Range Turbine Implementation at the South Pole
Paul Moran
Polar Geospatial Center
The use of submeter imagery to see what you didn't think you could see and to go where you didn't think you could go…
Jay Burnside
Jennifer Mercer
Polar Field Services
Evolution of a Station - Executing the Long Range Plan
James Lever
Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory Over-Snow Rovers for Polar Science Campaigns
Video:  Yeti survey (AVI 80 MB)
Tracy Dahl
Polar Field Services
Polar Solar - Considerations and Recent Deployment Examples
Tracy Dahl
Polar Field Services The SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge

Jay Clausen
US Army ERDC/CRREL Ice-Core Analysis in a Polar Environment using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)
Frank Heid
SFC Energy
Methanol Fuel Cell Deployments
Mark Ivey
Sandia National Labs
DOE ARM Climate Research Facilities on the North Slope of Alaska: Barrow, Oliktok, Atqasuk, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Tethered Balloons, and Field Campaigns
James Jarvis
APRS World
Micro Wind Turbine Extreme Weather Design Considerations
Olivia Rempel
Carbon Neutral Antarctica
Renewable Energy in Antarctica: A Review of the Current and Proposed Systems
Kiya Riverman
Penn State Universlity
Innovations in Polar Seismic Data Acquisition
Marcin Ruszcak
Polish Academy of Sciences
Energy resources and waste management at the Polish Polar Station in Svalbard
Todd Valentic
SRI International
A Robust Command, Communications and Data Acquisition System For Autonomous Sensor Platforms Using The Data Transport Network

General Attendees
Jas Basi Ensol Systems
Patrick Bastien
Doug Bloomquist IRIS/PASSCAL
Joseph Brenner US Navy
Dagmara Broniatowska' US Naval Academy
Dean Childs PASSCAL
Louis-Philippe Dury Carbon Neutral Antarctica
Michael DuVernois University of Wisconsin
Brent Evers IRIS
Clinton Flint MetOcean Data Systems
James Gridley IRIS/PASSCAL
Alexander Hayman Genasun
Gina Henderson US Naval Academy
Paul Hill JouBeh Technologies
Ngoc Hoang NAL Research
Katy Jensen Antarctic Support Contract
Sarah Kaye US Coast Guard
Allan Klinge Klinge Corp.
Natalie Laudier ONR Global
Richard Machida University of Alaska Fairbanks
Kate Nixon Oceanographer of the Navy
Darren Penney Xeos Technolgies Inc.
Tom Reese LASP
Dan Rhodes US Naval Academy
Rolf Sinclair Centro de Estudios Cientificos
William Spindler
Roald Van der Heide NIOZ
Angie Walker USN Task Force Climate Change
Mike Willis Cornell

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