2010 Polar Technology Conference Participant List
25th and 26th (Thu & Fri) March 2010
Millennium Harvest House, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Affiliation Topic
Roy Stehle
SRI International
GPS Tracker and Iridium OpenPort
Satish Chetty
Beyond 66
Albedo Measurement from a Buoy
Terry Haran
National Snow and Ice Data Center
Automated Met-Ice-Geo Observation Systems (AMIGOS) Deployed to Larsen B Region
Dennis Kurpius
ITT Antarctic Services, Inc.

Frank R. Rack
ANDRILL Science Management Office, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
ANDRILL Coulman High Planning
John Behrendt
INSTAAR, University of Colorado

Kenneth Ratzlaff
Instrumentation Design Laboratory,
University of Kansas

Mike Willis
Dept of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences,
Cornell University

David Finnegan
US Army Cold regions research & Engineering Lab

Stephen Musko
University of Michigan

Matthew Lazzara
Antarctic Meteorological Research Center
Space Science and Engineering Center
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1. A Review of 2009-2010 US Automatic Weather Station Field Season
2. An Overview of Polar Satellite Imagery Composites Projects
Tracy Dahl
CH2M Hill Polar Services 2010 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge
Jack Burns
University of Colorado at Boulder
Al Gasiewski
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Colorado
Tom Sjogren
Explorersweb Inc. / HumanEdgeTech Ultra-light Stand Alone Communication Solutions and Multichannel Updates over Iridium
Philip Kyle
NM Tech
Earth and Environmental Science

Steve Shelton
Marianne Okal
Kent Anderson
Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology
Max Enders
UNAVCO PBO The Earthscope Plate Boundary Observatory: Logistics and Maintenance Challenges in Alaska
David Hassilev
USCG ESU Seattle
Allan T. Weatherwax
Siena College
Ling Ling Dong
NCAR Foothills Laboratory
Nick Key
University of Canterbury Surface Observations on the Darwin & Hatherton Glaciers Antarctica
Steve Dunbar
Antarctic Research Support
Bill Spindler

John (JJ) O'Brien
Katrin Hafner
Allan Sauter
Seth White
UNAVCO Building Polar Instrumentation: Successes, Failures, and Lessons Learned
Liz Bagshaw
Bristol Glaciology Centre The Challenges of In-Situ Monitoring of Biogeochemical Activity on Glaciers
Melissa Richards
University of Colorado
Rhett Butler
Jonathan Thom
SSEC/University of Wisconsin-Madison
David M. Bresnahan
ITT Antarctic Services, Inc.
Robert Melville
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Lars Kalnajs
LASP / University of Colorado
Richard Kolyer
Tim Parker
IRIS/PASSCAL Polar Program
Brian Bonnett
Guy Tytgat
IRIS/PASSCAL AGAP Seismic Deployment upon the Antarctic Plateau - Logistical and Technical Challenges
Glenn Scott
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Todd Valentic
SRI International OBuoy - An Autonomous Sea-Ice Tethered Instrument Platform
John Merlino
Sirius Integrator, Inc
Derek Inglis
Xeos Technologies Inc
Daren Blythe
Terry Matt
UW-Madison IceCube Research Center
Bill Ewing
CH2M Hill Antarctic Support
Gary Ferentchak
Raytheon Polar Service Company Iridium Multi-Channel Technology & EMSS Access
Darren E. Penney
Xeos Technologies Inc.
Dennis Duling
August Allen

Shelley Knuth
CIRES/University of Colorado
Andrew Stillinger
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Andrew Archer
Raytheon Polar
Bob Zook
SCINI Project - Moss Landing Marine Labs Project SCINI. The Successful Development of a Through Ice Micro ROV
Joe Pettit
Harry Steinke
Transpolar LLC
Peter Rejcek
Raytheon Polar Services Co.
Sam Feola
TransPolar LLC
Martin Grill
SRI International Data Transfer Options for Remote Campbell Scientific Dataloggers
Shawn Murphy
Draper Laboratory
Bjorn Johns
Mitch Perry
Raytheon Polar Services
Kevin Bliss
Raytheon Polar Services
Albin Gasiewski
University of Colorado at Boulder
Thomas Nylen
Robert Busby
IRIS EarthScope Transportable Array
Charles Martin
NCAR The NCAR Driftsonde Sounding System
Warren Gallaher
Karen Joyce
Raytheon Polar Services
Bob Croke
Raytheon Polar Services
Dr. Stephen P. Alexander
Michael Santos
Matt Okraszewski
Stefan W Vogel
Northern Illinois University
Alex MeVay
Patricia Jackson
Raytheon Polar Services
Cara Sucher
Raytheon Polar Services
Ngoc Hoang
NAL Research
Open Discussion on Iridium Issues
Questions for Dr. Hoang
Roy Stehle
Todd Valentic
Gary Ferentchak
Seth White
SRI International
SRI International
Raytheon Polar Services
Workshop: Iridium and Other Communications Systems
Seth White
Tim Parker
Tracy Dahl
IRIS/PASSCAL Polar Program
Polar Field Services/CH2M Hill Polar Services
Workshop: Power and Deployment

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