2009 Polar Technology Conference Participant List
16-17 April 2009
IceCube Research Center
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Affiliation Topic
David Bogen
Breakfast & registration at 8:30 am. Introduction and start of conference at 9:30 am.
Francis Halzen IceCube Research Center Overview of the IceCube Project
Ethan Brodsky
UW-Madison Electric Snowmobile Team
UW-Madison Electric Snowmobile Team
Satish Chetty
Beyond 66
Project PolarBot
Tracy Dahl
Polar Field Services/CH2M Hill Polar Services
2009 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge

Summit Station Wind Power Pilot Project

Greenland Inland Traverse (GRIT)
Roy Stehle
SRI International
Experience with Iridium OpenPort in Greenland
Matthew Lazzara
Antarctic Meteorological Research Center/Space Science and Engineering Center/University of Wisconsin-Madison

Andrew Young
SRI International

Bill Vandiver
SPAWAR Office of Polar Programs

Shelley Knuth
University of Wisconsin

Dan Saldana

Terry Matt
IceCube Research Center -- UW- Madison

Seth White
GPS / Seismic Remote Stations MRI Project - Status in Year 3
Victoria Landgraf

Bill Spindler

Antarctic Science Support--A Historical Perspective
Todd Valentic
SRI International
Designing a Robust, Low-Power, Embedded System for Data Acquisition and Communications
Jonathan Thom

Jeffrey Scharf
Lockheed Martin - Civil Programs

Katy Jensen
Lockheed Martin - Civil Programs

Steve Musko
University of Michigan

Steven Fischbein
ANDRILL Science Management Office

Ramsey Kropp
UW Madison Envir. Chem and Tech.

Karthik Soundarapandian
Icecube Research Center
Operating a Data Center at the South Pole
Anne Mulhern
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Martin Tomasz
Kumiva Engineering

George A. Weidner
Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
The Antarctic Automatic Weather Station Program: The Challenge of Technological Change
Patrick R. Haggerty
National Science Foundation

Andrew Laundrie
IceCube Research Center

Brian Bonnett
Development, testing, and deployment of cold rated Xeos Iridium systems
Perry Sandstrom
IceCube Research Center

Guy Tytgat
IRIS Pascal
Power Management of Remote Instrumentation at Extreme Low Temperature.
Robert Melville New Jersey Institute of Technology Science & Engineering Aspects of the Automatic Geophysical Observatories
David M. Bresnahan

Matthew Newcomb

Dennis Kurpius
ITT Antarctic Services, Inc.

Rod Jensen

Nick Rakovec
University of Wisconsin-Madison Clean Snowmobile Team

Ben Stock

Matt Mueller
IceCube Project

Mac Cathles
University of Chicago

Adam Brown
Antarctic Beacon Project

Jacob Brown
Antarctic Beacon Project

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