2008 Polar Technology Conference Participant List
24-25 April 2008
Building G - Main Conference Room, SRI International
700 Laurel Street, Menlo Park, CA 94025

Affiliation Topic
Robert Twiggs
Stanford University
Breakfast & registration at 8:30 am PDT. Introduction and start of conference at 9:00 am PDT
Roy Stehle
SRI International
A portable fuel cell and other power-related solutions
Philip Decker
Lockheed Martin Space Systems

Liam Pedersen
NASA ARC / Carnegie Mellon University

Lynn J. Rothschild
NASA Ames Research Center
A novel Stanford faculty and student-run program in suborbital and small payloads
Brian A. Vasel

Karen Joyce
Raytheon Polar Services

Brian Bonnett
Polar Seismic Stations, Issues with Cold Operation and Our Approach to the Solution
Charles Kaminski
Raytheon Polar Services

Bill Vandiver
SPAWAR Office of Polar Programs

Gary Ferentchak
Raytheon Polar Service Company
Getting Data Off-Ice - US Antarctic Program Satellite Communications
Seth White
Polar GPS Stations. Progress made during last year on power, mechanical, and communication systems
David Bogen
IceCube Project -- University of Wisconsin-Madison
IceCube Teleport System: Many-to-Many Communications Through Iridium SBD
Bob Zook
Moss Landing Marine Lab
Deployment update and the future of the SCINI Project. A drill hole deployed under ice ROV
Frank R. Rack
ANDRILL Science Management Office

Bob Croke
Raytheon Polar Services Co

Todd Valentic
SRI International
Experience with DOD Iridium RUDICS and implementation possibilities
Bob Vehorn
GAMMA - Text Messaging Over Iridium
Doug Stoup
Ice Axe Expeditions, Ice Axe Foundation
Global Climate Change Awareness
Smokey Sturtevant

Andrew B. Young
SRI International

Satish Chetty
Beyond 66 Solutions

Martin Tomasz
Kumiva Engineering

Dr. Robert Melville
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Automatic Geophysical Observatories: Engineering Issues for a System of Remote Space Weather Observing Stations in Antarctica
Stacey Rolland

Dr. Alberto Behar
Extreme Environment Polar Robotics and Technologies.
Diana Gentry
Stanford University

LJ Wardell
Arapahoe SciTech

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