2007 Polar Technology Conference Participant List
26-27 April 2007
Building G - Main Conference Room, SRI International
700 Laurel Street, Menlo Park, CA 94025

Affiliation Topic
R. Allan Baker
Raytheon Polar Services Co.
The Use of Cutting Edge Technology for the Efficient Management of Liquid Helium at South Pole Station
David Ainley
H.T. Harvey & Associates
The PenguinCam at Cape Royds, Ross Island
Alberto Behar
Polar technology being developed using simple processors and Iridium Comms.
Ngoc Hoang
NAL Research
Iridium hardware, on-going Iridium effort & future network
William Rachelson
UC Berkeley - Space Science Lab
The Automatic Geophysical Observatories (AGO)
Andrew Young
SRI International
Kotzebue Remote Iridium Data Transmission System
Seth White
Development of power and communication systems for polar GPS and seismic permanent stations
Roy Stehle
SRI International
Comparisons between Iridium and Inmarsat BGAN for data transfers based on power dissipation
Stefan W. Vogel
Analytical Center for Environmental and Climatic Change
Technological requirements for subglacial research
Justin Harrison
University of Canterbury, Christchurch, NZ
Involvement in, and evolution of, Antarctic Field work & Instrumentation
Tracy Dahl
VECO Polar Resources
Clean Snowmobile
Bob Vehorn
SPAWAR Office of Polar Programs
Antarctic Internet Data Distribution (Antarctic-IDD) project
Bob Zook
Moss Landing Marine Lab
'SCINI' The development of a small diameter under ice ROV
Lynn Rothschild
NASA Ames Research Center
Tim Short
SRI International
Underwater measurements & miniaturization

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