This server is administered by SRI International for use by the Arctic Research Support and Logistics Services program, funded by the National Science Foundation. SRI is a member of CH2MHill Polar Resources (CPS), a consortium of CH2MHill, Polar Field Services, Ummiaq and SRI International. CPS is the NSF's Arctic logistics contractor, providing transportation, field camp, communications, and infrastructure support to well over 100 projects annually throughout the Arctic. For more information about CPS, visit

POLAR.SRI.COM hosts various CPS project web sites, databases, and FTP file shares for CPS's clients and staff. These include:
An NFS-funded site designed to offer researchers and staff resources on designing and deploying power and communications gear in the Arctic and Antarctic.
ARSLS Inventory
This site is used by CPS staff to track the program's communications gear issued to research scientists each year. This server houses a database of the equipment, allowing CPS to track equipment through the web interface.
Polar Technology
This conference brings together polar scientists and technology developers to exchange information on research system operational needs and technology solutions that have been successful in polar environments.
Data Transport
A software project designed to automate the transfer of data collected by scientific instruments located at remote field stations with poor network connectivity.
Alaska Sites
Alaska field site telemetry monitors
Greenland Sites
Greenland field site telemetry monitors
Breadcrumb Trackers
GPS breadcrumb tracking sites
Project Sites
Other project telemetry sites
Tutorials, presentations and documentation